Last amended 19 October 2005.

Iraq Analysis Group constitution

1 The name of the Organisation shall be: "Iraq Analysis Group" (IAG).

2 The Organisationís aims shall be:
a to provide information and analysis on humanitarian and other developments in Iraq, with particular reference to the impacts of the US and UK invasion and subsequent occupation of the country since March 2003;
b to advocate policy and other measures to assist the improvement of living conditions in Iraq;
c to support Iraqi and other groups and individuals working for the improvement of living conditions in Iraq;
d to provide information about the effects of UN sanctions on Iraq, in particular by maintaining the information resources of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.

3 The Organisation shall not be affiliated to, nor receive funding from, any government or political party.

4 There shall be a Committee, of which any person may request to become a member. The Committee shall appoint members to the Committee, or remove members from the committee, with the agreement of two-thirds of the Committee.

5 Meetings shall be held as follows:
i Ordinary Meetings shall be held at times determined by the Committee;
ii There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Organisation once each calendar year, which shall be open to all. The time and venue of this meeting will be determined and publicised by the Committee at least fourteen days beforehand;
iii A demand for an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) can be made by six members of the Committee. Such a meeting should take place within four weeks of the receipt of the demand.

6 A Motion passes at a meeting by a simple majority, provided it has the support of at least a third of the members of the Committee. A motion can also be passed via email, if it has the required level of support.

7 Amendments to this Constitution may be made only with the agreement of two-thirds of the Committee. Amendments may be agreed at a Meeting or online.