• Food and Agriculture Organisation
    • FAO/WFP crop, food supply and nutrition assessment mission to Iraq - special report (23 Sept 2004)

      Report based on data collected in June and July 2003, in all 18 governorates of Iraq. Finds that the war had a limited impact on winter cereal crops, but affected summer cereal crops, cash crops, and fertilizer production. 60% of Iraqis are unemployed, and thus mostly dependent on the Public Distribution System (PDS), which provides insufficient nutritional variety. Considers that although 'any significant disruption of the PDS would have a severe negative impact on food access', changes will be needed, including better targetting of subsidised food.

  • World Food Programme

    The UN's World Food programme has been invovled in food distribution in Iraq since 1991. Following the 2003 invasion, it instigated an emergency food programme, and since July 2004 has concentrated on providing targetted fooood aid to children, pregnant or lactating mothers, and the sick in vulnerable areas. The WFP was active in food distribution under the Oil for Food programme from 1996, and continues to be involved in its successor, the Public Distribution System.

    Information on these pages includes Emergency reports (which are issued weekly, but do not always contain information on Iraq), and occasional press releases.