UNDP reports

United Nations Development Programme

  • UNDP Iraq Living Conditions Survey 2004 (12 May 2005)

    The UNDP carried out a survey in 2004 to analyse the living conditions in Iraq. This found that "Iraq [is] now suffering from some of the regionís highest rates of joblessness and child malnutrition and continuing severe deficiencies in sewage systems, electric power supplies and other essential public services"

    Key findings also include:

    • Unemployment among young men with secondary or higher education stands at 37 percent
    • Even though most Iraqis are now connected to water, electricity or sewage networks, supplies remain unstable and unreliable
    • Almost a quarter of children between the ages of six months and five years suffer from malnutrition
    • More young people today are illiterate than in previous generations
    • Just 83 percent of boys and 79 percent of girls of school age are enrolled in primary school.

    See also the UNDP press release.

    The questionnaire used for the survey is available from FAFO