International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq

Organisation setup by the UN and World Bank, designed to organise and co-ordinate donations to the reconstruction of Iraq. In particular, controls thtwo trust funds: the UN Development Group Iraq Trust Fund, and the World Bank Iraq Trust Fund.

  • World Bank Iraq Data Sheet (23 Oct 2006)
  • UNDG ITF October Newsletter (Oct 2006)
  • World Bank Iraq Trust Fund Newsletter (July 2006)
  • Third Sixth-Month Report of the activities of UNDG ITF (11 May 2006)

    This report is in two parts, with part two.pdf) containting cluster level progress reports, and part one.pdf) covering progress as a whole. The report covers July-December 2005, detailing the work of the fund.

  • World Bank Iraq Trust Fund Progress Report (May 2006)
  • Rebuilding Iraq: Economic Reform and Transition (Feb 2006)

    This World Bank report focuses on the cross-cutting issues at the heart of Iraq’s transition, including the immediate challenges of reviving the economy and creating jobs, rebuilding public services responsive to citizens’ needs, and strengthening safety nets to protect the poor and vulnerable. It also addresses some overarching issues in public sector governance, particularly the management of oil revenues, the realignment of economic incentives and prices, the reform of human resource management, and the implementation of anticorruption efforts.