International Organization for Migration

International body working to support refugees and displaced people. Although not formally part of the UN, it works very closely with it.

  • Displacement due to ongoing violence in Iraq (02 Apr 2006)

    Statistics on the numbers of Iraqis forced out of their homes by sectarian conflict since 22 February 2006, when the destruction of the Golden Mosque in Samarra triggered widespread violence. Totals provided by IOM monitoring partners estimate 30,900 people had been displaced by 2 April, while figures from the Ministry of Displacement and Migration give 36,300 by 29 March. This equates to between 750 and 980 people per day. The report breaks down some of these figures by province, cause of migration, and sect of the displaced.

  • Iraq Displacement Review Mid-Year 2007 (July 2007)

    This summary states that "Iraq is experiencing the worst human displacement of its history", with over 4 million Iraqis affected. Figures are provided on the background, intentions and needs of internally displaced Iraqis.