UNAMI Human Rights reports

UNAMI compiles a summary of human rights developments on a quarterly basis (bimonthly prior to 2007)

  • UNAMI Human Rights Report January-March 2007 (Apr 2007)

    In this document, UNAMI report that:

    • 736,000 Iraqis have been forced to flee their homes since February 2006, in addition to the 1.2 million already displaced.
    • 4 million Iraqis are "acutely vulnerable due to food insecurity"
    • 54% of the Iraqi population are living on less than $1 per day, 8% on less than $0.50 per day
    • The Baghdad Security Plan has inadequate human rights safeguards
    • The Iraqi government has been withholding data on casualty figures from the UN.

    The report also discusses attacks on journalists and academics, mass killings in Baghdad, sectarian violence, suicide bombings, attacks on Yezidi and Turkomen minorities, poor conditions for Palestinian refugees, honor killings and other discrimination against women

    Media coverage: Guardian, IRIN, Reuters, Washington Post

  • UNAMI Human Rights Report for the period 1 January - 28th February 2006 (22 March 2006)

    Concentrates on four main issues: the events following the 22nd February and the rise in "killings, torture, illegal detention and displacement"; the behaviour of security and police forces and the questin of death squads/ role of the Ministry of the Interior; detention, and again the role of the Ministry of the Interior in systematic human rights violations, and finally, the discrimination and victimisation of minority groups, "including Palestinians [and specific relgious groups] [...] because of their alleged association with foreign Arabs supporting the insurgency". See also the UNAMI Press Release on the report.

  • UNAMI Human Rights Report for September and October 2005 (14 Nov 2005)

    UNAMI has released its second report on the Human Rights situation in Iraq. The report recognizes efforts made by the Iraqi authorities in improving the law and order situation in the country, but also highlights areas that continue to be of concern, noting that hundreds of Iraqi civilians have been killed or wounded during the reporting period due to random and targeted killings, terrorist actions, criminal and militia activities and by continuous military operations in several parts of the country. The report emphasizes, “The rights of victims to timely justice and redress should be central to any strategy to combat violations.”

    The report suggests that “massive security operations by the Iraqi police and Special Forces continue to disregard instructions announced in August 2005 by the Ministry of the Interior to safeguard individual guarantees during search and detention operations,” and also says that the "price paid by civilians, including women and children, during military activity currently underway calls for further reflection on the nature and conduct of the conflict and on the proportionality of the use of force”.

    See also UNAMI press release and UN news item.

  • UNAMI Human Rights Report for July and August 2005 (09 Sept 2005)

    "The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Mr. Ashraf Qazi, released a Report on the Human Rights Situation in Iraq, for the period July – August 2005. In releasing the report, the SRSG stated “There is a continuing concern over the lack of protection of basic human rights in Iraq” and emphasized that “each Iraqi citizen should enjoy the rights and protections stipulated in international treaties and agreements that Iraq has ratified.”

    The Human Rights Office of UNAMI will publish the results of its activities on a bi-monthly basis, with the next report on the September – October period expected in early November, 2005." Text from UNAMI website.