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  • Red Cross Report: 'Iraq: civilians without protection' (11 Apr 2007)

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    Report released by International Committee of the Red Cross on 11 April 2007, reporting that the humanitarian situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate: "The suffering that Iraqi men, women and children are enduring today is unbearable and unacceptable. Their lives and dignity are continuously under threat."

    The report covers (although with little detail):

    • worsening provision of electricity, sewage, healthcare
    • reports of growing malnutrition levels, and food shortages in some areas
    • a 'water crisis', with inadequate quality and quantity of drinking water, despite some imporvements in the south
    • family separation due to the high levels of detention by the Iraqi government, and large internal displacement.

    Also details emergency humanitarian assistance supplied by the Red Cross/Red Crescent in Iraq.