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  • Mental Health Survey of US soldiers & Marines serving in Iraq (05 May 2007)

    Keywords: US Military Mental Health Torture Human rights

    A team of US army mental health specialists surveyed (anonymously) 1320 soldiers and 447 Marines serving in Iraq, and conducted focus groups with US military personnel. The study, completed in November 2006 but released in redacted form in May 2007, found high levels of mental stress and ill-health, and high tolerance of ill-treatment and torture of Iraqis; and also fears about safety risks posed by Rules of Engagement perceived to be restrictive.

    • "Approximately 10% of Soldiers and Marines report mistreating non-combatants (damaged/destroyed Iraqi property when not necessary or hit/kicked a non-combatant when not necessary)

    • "More than one-third of all Soldiers and Marines continue to report being in threatening situations where they were unable to respond due to the Rules of Engagement"

    • "over 650 Soldiers/Marines (over 37% of the sample) described an event which occurred during the current deployment which caused them "intense fear, helplessness or horror"

    • 20% of soldiers and 15% of Marines were diagnosed as suffering from a mental health problem (depression, anxiety, acute stress or other)

    • 39% of Marines and 36% of soldiers believed "Torture should be allowed in order to gather important information about insurgents"

    • 17% of soldiers/Marines believed "All non-combatants should be treated as insurgents"

    • only 38% of Marines and 47% of soldiers believed "All non-combatants should be treated with dignity and respect"

    • "just less than 10% of Soldiers and Marines reported that their unit modifies the ROE [Rules of Engagement] to accomplish their mission"

    • "12% of Soliders and 5% of Marines reported taking medication for a mental health, combat stress or sleep problem during the deployment