Legal Documents

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  • English translation of the newest Iraqi Draft Constitution (25 Aug 2005)

    The complete text of the draft Iraqi Constitution, as translated from the Arabic by The Associated Press.

  • Lord Goldsmith Memo - Legal advisory on Iraq war addressed to British P.M. Blair, 07 March 2003 (07 March 2003)

    The 'secret' legal advisory to Tony Blair just before the onset of the Iraq war. Released by the UK government on 28 April 2005.

  • Security Council Resolutions and related documents

    For a comprehensive and annotated list of previous Security Council Resolutions concerning Iraq, see CASI's page. Notes below are edited versions of the CASI website notes.

    • Resolution 1637 (08 Nov 2005)

      Press Release and text of the new Security Council Resolution passed unanimously on the 8th of November 2005. It extends the mandate of the multinational force in Iraq until December 2006, though it includes the proviso that this mandate should be reviewed by the Iraqi government no later than the 15th of June 2006. It also extends current arrangements for the depositing into the Development Fund for Iraq of proceeds from export sales of petroleum, petroleum products, and natural gas until December 2006, also to be reviewed by the Iraq government no later than the 15th of June 2006. The Resolution was submitted by Denmark, Japan, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States, and adopted unanimously. See also UN news item.

    • Resolution 1557 (12 Aug 2004)

      Extends the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for twelve months.

    • Resolution 1546 (08 June 2004)

      Important resolution. Endorses the formation of the interim government, welcomes the end of the occupation and the prospect of elections in January 2005. It also reaffirms the authorization for the multinational force under unified command established under resolution 1511 (2003) and decides that the multinational force shall have the authority to take all necessary measures to contribute to the maintenance of security and stability in Iraq in accordance with the Iraqi request for the continued presence of the multinational force. See also the press release.

    • Resolution 1518 (24 Nov 2003)

      Establishes a committee (the 1518 committee to locate money belonging to the former regime, and transfer it to the Development Fund for Iraq. This replaced some of the post-sanctions work of the '661 committee', which officially ceased to exist on 22 November 2003. Makes provision for expanding the role of this committee to also oversee controls on trade with Iraq. Adopts guidelines on the interpretation of resolution 1483's requirements for transfer of resources to the Development Fund for Iraq. The guidelines have been published as SC/7791 IK/356 (12 June 2003) and SC/7831 IK/372 (29 July 2003).

    • Resolution 1511 (16 Oct 2003)

      This resolution mandates the UN to 'strengthen its vital role in Iraq' and 'underscores...the temporary nature of the Coalition Provisional Authority'. Supporting moves towards self-government under its auspices, it invites the Governing Council to draw up, by 15 December, a timetable for drafting a constitution and holding elections, and requests the CPA to report to the Security Council on progress towards the transfer of power. A multinational security force is authorised, states are urged to contribute financially by providing required resources and by transferring assets of the former regime to the Development Fund for Iraq. It also requests the Secretary General to report on UN operations in Iraq requests the US to report, at least every 6 months, on military matters, and decides that the Security Council should review the mission of the UN force within a year, and that its mandate will expire once power has been transferred to an Iraqi government. Three earlier US drafts for this resolution were made public, on 4 September, 1 October and 13 October 2003. Amendments to the first draft were publicly proposed by France and Germany, and by Syria. Several of the Franco-German proposals were incorporated into the resolution. See the Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq discussion list for summaries of differences between the first and second drafts, and between the second and third drafts.

    • Resolution 1500 (14 Aug 2003)

      Welcomes the creation of Governing Council, and establishes UN Assistance Mission for Iraq, as proposed by the Secretary General in a report on July 17.

    • Resolution 1490 (03 July 2003)

      Sets the date for the disbanding of the UN Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM) as the 6 October 2003, and decides to end the demilitarised zone betweeen Iraq and Kuwait also on 6 October 2003.

    • Resolution 1483 (22 May 2003)

      Lifts non-military sanctions (para 10). It also recognises Britain and the United States as occupying powers ('The Authority'), and calls on them to attempt to improve security and stability, and provide opportunities for Iraqis to determine their political future. It creates the position of ‘UN Special Representative to Iraq’, to coordinate UN activity, and requires the establishment of Development Fund for Iraq. Summaries and analysis can be found on pages 10-13 of the Open Society Institute paper "Reconstructing Iraq: a guide to the issues", and in this article from the American Society of International Law. A Parliamentary research paper (2 June 2003) provides a British government perspective. For earlier drafts, see the initial US-UK draft (9 May) and the revised US-UK-Spain draft (15 May). The Open Society Institute criticized aspects of this resolution, and suggested changes to allow greater supervision of the occupying powers.

    • Resolution 1476 (24 Apr 2003)

      Decides to extend the provisions in para 4 of res. 1472 until the 3 June 2003, and allows for further renewal at that date by the Council. These provisions relate to the amelioration of the functioning of certain Oil For Food Program features, including those listed below in notes on 1472.

    • Resolution 1472 (28 March 2003)

      Gives UN more authority to administer the "oil for food" programme for the next 45 days. Authorizes the Secretary-General to establish alternative locations for the delivery of humanitarian supplies and equipment, and proceed with approved contracts after a review to determine priorities. Other steps called for include: transferring unencumbered funds between accounts created pursuant to the programme on an exceptional and reimbursable basis to ensure the delivery of essential humanitarian supplies; and using funds deposited in the accounts to compensate suppliers and shippers for agreed additional shipping, transportation and storage costs incurred as a result of diverting and delaying shipments.

    • Proposed resolution to authorise military action against Iraq (07 March 2003) (07 March 2003)

      By Spain, the US and the UK. Would have authorized military action against Iraq.

  • Transfer of power