Specialist news about Iraq

  • Al Mosul Org

    News and information on Mosul, Nineveh, Iraq

  • Arab Media Watch
  • CAABU: Iraq weekly news updates

    (Discontinued June 2005). Documents produced weekly by the Campaign for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding. They give bullet-point summaries of the main developments in Iraq day by day.

  • Diaspora Iraqis

    News and articles on Iraq

  • Future of Iraq Portal

    Very useful collection of Iraq-related links maintained by Justin Alexander.

  • Global Security: Iraq occupation and reconstruction

    Frequently-updated document collection, mainly on the military aspects of the occupation. Includes a large number of documents from US government bodies.

  • Gulf2000 project news page

    At Columbia University.

  • Iraqi press monitor

    Daily survey of the main stories in Iraq's newspapers, compiled by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Comprises 7 story summaries, and a political cartoon. Friday's issue is always devoted to opinion pieces.

  • Juan Cole's Informed Comment

    Weblog by Juan Cole, an academic working on Shiite history. Daily updates of political developments, based on a detailed reading of Arabic and other media sources, and with particularly nuanced explanations of Shiite politics.

  • Media in Iraq

    Information about Iraqi newspapers, TV and radio stations.

  • MENAVista - links to Iraqi media
  • Reliefweb Iraq Page

    Reliefweb is a a service provided by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). It provides humanitarian information from around the world, including Iraq.

  • Today in Iraq

    Daily war news, mainly US troop deaths.

  • UN Iraq press clippings

    [Discontinued in late 2005) News clippings on Iraq, collated by the UN. This was at one time the most comprehensive collection of Iraqi press reports available in English on the web, including summaries of Iraqi TV broadcasts, and translations from the Iraqi press. Unfortunately, most documents are available only in PDF or MS Word format.