Iraq Body Count

Database of media-reported civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly from the invasion of Iraq by the US and its allies.

  • A defence of Iraq Body Count (2006)

    Members of the Iraq Body Count team argue that their methodology is rigorous, and as consistent with the most rigorous mortality figures from other sources.

    Responding to criticisms from MediaLens, they say that:

    It is not “probable” that IBC, which counts the dead and doesn’t estimate them, is at present an undercount: it is almost inevitable that it will be so, as we have insisted since our project began.

    The most reliable survey-based mortality estimate, they argue, is the Iraq Living Conditions Survey. This produces figures broadly in line with those found by Iraq Body Count.

    The authors also deny that Iraq Body Count underestimates the percentage of deaths caused by coalition forces. Whereas the Lancet study finds 43% of deaths to have been caused by the coalition, IBC figures for the same period put the figure at 47%

  • A dossier of civilian casualties in Iraq, 2003-2005 (July 2005)

    A compilation of information from Iraq Body Count's collation of civilian deaths in Iraq reported by the media. In the period covered, March 2003-March 2005, 24,865 civilian deaths were counted. Summarised in the associated press erlease