Government Accountability Office

  • GAO report on key 'benchmarks' for Iraqi government Sep 2007 (04 Sept 2007)

    Public Law 110-28 contains 18 benchmarks for the Government of Iraq to meet by 1 September 2007. As of 30 August 2007, the GAO assessed that the Iraqi government met 3, partially met 4, and did not meet 11 of its 18 benchmarks.

    Benchmarks met:

    • the rights of minority political parties in Iraq's legislature are protected.
    • Iraq's government has established various committees in support of the Baghdad security plan
    • almost all of the planned Joint Security Stations in Baghdad have been established

    Benchmarks partially met:

    • Enacting and implementing legislation on procedures to form semi-autonomous regions (law passed but not yet implemented)
    • Providing three trained and ready brigades to support Baghdad operations.
    • eliminating safe havens for "outlaws"
    • Equitable allocation and spending of $10 billion in Iraqi revenues for reconstruction projects and essential services
  • Overview of GAO Findings and Methodology on Iraq (18 Jan 2007)

    This brief document summarises a number of key GAO reports on Iraq since 2003. Also interestingly states that the GAO plans to establish a presence in Iraq from March 2007 (subject to Congress granting them the money).

  • GAO Testimony: Stabilisation, Reconstruction and Financing Challenges (08 Feb 2006)

    "Iraq will likely need more than the $56 billion that the World Bank, United Nations, and CPA estimated it would require for reconstruction and stabilization efforts from 2004 to 2007."

    "However, it is unclear how Iraq will finance these additional requirements....Iraq's ability to financially contribute to its own rebuilding and stabilization efforts will depend on the new government's efforts to increase revenues obtained from crude oil exports, reduce energy and food subsidies, control government operating expenses, provide for a growing security force, and repay $84 billion in external debt and war reparations." Summary is here

  • US GAO Testimony: 'Rebuilding Iraq: Enhancing Security, Measuring Program Results And Mantaining Infrastructure Are Necessary to Make Significant and Sustainable Progress' (18 Oct 2005)

    Report by the US Government Accountability Office investigating US progress in rebuilding Iraq. Notes the difficulting in maintaining infrastructure projects, and the difficulty of measuring progress. Recommends that Iraq will probably need signifcantly more than the $56bn estimated previously by the World Bank, due to unforseen looting, sabotage and lower than expected oil revenues. Finds that data collected is incomplete, citing for example that the Department of State reports on number of water projects completed, but not on the condition of the water supply to Iraqi people. A summary can be found here.

  • Rebuilding Iraq (28 June 2004)

    Substantial report to Congress, covering funds allocated and progress achieved in four main areas of resources, security, governance and essential services, along with commentary on oversight issues.

  • GAO documents on Iraq

    Listing of all Iraq-related documents produced by the General Accounting Office