C) Secretary General Reports

Security Council Resolution 1546 (para 30) requires the UN Secretary General to issue quarterly reports on United Nations activities in Iraq. In addition to describing UN projects, these reports often provide useful summaries of broader political and social developments in the country.

  • Report of the Secretary-General. December 2006-February 2007 (07 March 2007)

    "The standard of living of all Iraqis has fallen", according to this report. 1.9 million people are now internally displaced within Iraq, in addition to 2 million Iraqi refugees in neighbouring countries. The report also covers recent political developments, the security situation, and UN activities.

  • Report of the Secretary-General, September-November 2006 (05 Dec 2006)

    Quarterly report of the UN Secretary-General on the situation in Iraq

  • Report of the Secretary-General (01 Sept 2006)

    This report covers developments between June and August 2006. It was discussed by the UN Security Council on 14 December, in Meeting 5523

  • Report of the Secretary-General (02 June 2006)

    Summarises developments in Iraq from March to May 2006.

  • Report of the UN Secretary General, 3 March 2006 (03 March 2006)

    Quarterly report of the Un Secretary General to the Security Council on the Situation in Iraq, pursuant to SCR 1546. Covers events since 7th of December 2005. In this report, Kofi Annan draws attention to the "de facto arbitrary detention" by the US and Iraq of thousands of prisoners, and states that the "extent of such practices is not consistent with the provisions of international law governing internment for imperative reasons of security". He also draws attention to allegations of human rights abuses doing military operations by the MNF and indicates that UNAMI is investigation these.

    The report also contains extensive comment on the follow up to the December 2005 elections, as well as on continued reconstruction efforts by UNAMI.

  • Report of the Secretary-General (07 Dec 2005)

    Covers events from 7 September - 7 December 2005. This includes the constitutional referendum (October) and preparations for the 15 December elections, as well as a visit to Iraq by Kofi Annan. The report expresses serious concerns about human rights abuses by both insurgents and government forces. Humanitarian work continues, but is hindered by the security situation.

  • Report of the Secretary-General (07 Sept 2005)

    Covers developments fom 7 June 2005 to 7 September 2005

  • Report of the Secretary-General (05 June 2005)

    Covers the period from 7 March to 7 June 2005, including the formation of the Transitional National Assembly and its constitution-drafting committee.

  • Report of the Secretary-General (07 March 2005)

    Covers 7 December 2004 to 7 March 2005, giving substantial attention to the January 2005 election.

  • Report of the Secretary-General, 2004 September-December (08 Dec 2004)

    Covers events from 7 September to 8 December 2004. At this time, the main political issue was the violence in Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosul, Samarra and other cities, while preparatory work towards the January 2005 elections was being undertaken.

  • Report of the Secretary-General, 2004 June-September (03 Sept 2004)

    First report from the UN Secretary General under resolution 1546. Covers events from June to early September 2004