Iraqi Institutions

  • Iraq's trade unions: Tender shoots in weed-bound soil (04 May 2006)

    'The Economist' article on the plight of Iraqis trade unions, who have been targeted by insurgents and the government

  • The Iraqi Constitution from an Economic Perspective (26 Aug 2005)

    link to an interview with Noah Feldman on the 1st of August 2005

  • Iraq Development Strategy: 2005-2007 (30 June 2005)

    Produced by the Iraqi Strategic Review Board, Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation. Comprehensive look at government strategy at the micro and macro level, including a focus on how to devolve responsibilities to the regional level.

  • Interview with Iraq's Minister of Agriculture (16 Dec 2004)

    Interview of Sawsan Ali Magid al-Sharifi by the UNOCHA's Integrated Regional Information Networks, looking at how the government can boost agricultural production. Details problems with continuing subsidies and the Public Distribution System

  • Central Bank Of Iraq

    Includes financial statistics in Arabic and English, as well as banking laws and monetry policy.

  • Iraq Development Program

    Initiative to promote economic development of Iraq, in particular to help Iraqi businesses, partly through organising summits and partnerships.

  • Iraq Stock Exchange Data

    News, quotes, charts and analysis for the Iraq Stock Exchange, which began trading in the summer of 2004.

  • Ministry of Industry and Minerals
  • Ministry of Trade

    Rather inactive website of the MoT. Includes a directory of businesses

  • Ministry of Water Resources
  • Trade Bank Of Iraq

    National Trading Bank lending to government departnments and state enterprises. Funded by various international banks.

  • International Compact with Iraq

    A plan for the economic redevelopment of Iraq, arranged by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the UN, along with the Government of Iraq. The Compact aims to achieve "Iraq’s economic transformation and integration into the regional and global economy" through a five-year development plan

    • ICI outline (draft) (05 Sept 2006)

      Early draft of a document outlining the role and nature of the International Compact. This is intended to be completed in November 2006. Currently it states a vision for Iraq as "A secure, unified, federal and democratic nation, founded on the principles of freedom and equality, and providing peace and prosperity for its people". At present, the document cosists mainly of a jumble of Powerpoint slides

  • Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Established by several hundred IraqiAmerican business professionals with the aim to help the iraqi private sector join the global economy of the 21st century after decades of neglect. Today IACCI has over 150 employees - mostly Iraqis in offices throughout Iraq, Amman (Jordan) and Washington DC.