Academic Studies

  • Unemployment in Iraq After the War (2005)

    Draft report by Pal Sletten, Fafo Institute Oslo, discussing the context, data and distribution of unemployment in Iraq. Contrasts the massively varying estimates of unemployment in Iraq, and concludes that unemployment is probably lower than a lot ofestimates - and that using the ILO's definitions it is between 10 and 20%. Also notes that it may have decreased since before the invasion, due to the high level of unemployment created by sanctions. However, still notes that this is cause for great concern, and for example care should be taken when reforming the state-owned industries, which employ about half a million people (8% of the working population). Details drawn from paper written by Pal Setten and Louay Rashid, Comparison of Iraq Labour Force Statistics

  • Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Iraq (19 May 2004)

    Paper by Almas Heshmati, an academic at the MTT Agrifood Research Finland. Tries to provide a comprehensive picture of the past and current conditions in Iraq, and evaluates proposed development policies

  • Economic policy and prospects in Iraq (04 May 2004)

    Account of the CPA's attempts at economic reform. Concludes that economic development will come only if Iraq "maintains the pro-market outlook of Coalition policy". Written by four former CPA officials, affiliated with the US treasury, US and UK central banks, and the RAND Corporation. Draft of an article in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, (only available to subscribers and through subscribing institutions).

  • Reconstructing Iraq's Economy (2004)

    Bathsheba Crocker, writing in The Washington Quarterly , recounts economic policy in Iraq since 2003, and gives some thoughts on the future.