• Iraq Health Situation (Oct 2006)

    Links to various articles and reports detailing the health situation in Iraq - prepared by the NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq.

  • Healing Minds: Mental Health Programme of Iraq (March 2006)

    Report on the progress of mental health projects in Iraq produced jointly by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.

  • Iraq Health Update (March 2006)

    Update on the health situation in Iraq provided by Medact

  • Medact 'Iraq Health Update' (26 July 2005)

    Summary of health-related and general developments.

  • Medact 'Enduring effects of war' health in Iraq 2004 (30 Nov 2004)

    'This evidence-based report analyzes, from a public health perspective, the impact of the 2003 war in Iraq on health, the health system, and relief and reconstruction. Health is harmed by conflict-related damage to health-sustaining infrastructure and to the health system, as well as the corrosive effects of conflict-related factors such as poverty, unemployment, disrupted education and low morale. The effects of the war must be measured not only by death and injuries due to weaponry, but by the longer-term, enduring suffering.'

  • RAND Report: Nation Building Hampered by Failure to Address Health Problems

    The United States missed opportunities to help win the support of the public in Iraq and Afghanistan by failing to make health a bigger focus of reconstruction efforts after U.S.-led invasions of the nations, according to a RAND Corporation report titled "Securing Health: Lessons from Nation-Building Missions".